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Daily Themed Crossword Answers - 9-December-2023
Daily Themed Crossword Answers - 8-December-2023
Daily Themed Crossword Answers - 7-December-2023
  1. "What's ___ for me?" ("What do I get?"):
  2. Attack, with "at"
  3. Academic metric for a student: Abbr.
  4. (3/10) "The second item on the shopping list is a greeting ___ that you can send out to loved ones!"
  5. Valentine's month, for short
  6. Provided, as a meal
  7. "Before," poetically
  8. Tiny tap in telegraphy (anagram of "itd")
  9. Part of an airline fleet
  10. Square ___ in a round hole (misfit)
  11. Geological time span
  12. Spectacles, which now come in "Smart" variants with displays for useful information
  13. Prefix with "way" to mean the path to another floor
  14. Feng ___ (Chinese aesthetic system)
  15. ___ of fame (illustrious honor in many fields)
  16. "Do ___ others..."
  17. Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
  18. Actor Bana or guitarist Clapton
  19. "Bodak Yellow" rapper ___ B
  20. "Haha you're funny!" on the Internet: Abbr.
  21. Citrus-flavored instant drink mix
  22. Letter after "alpha" and before "gamma"
  23. Santa ___ zoo, California
  24. Voice above tenor
  25. Took off quickly
  26. It goes up once a year?
  27. Navy member
  28. First ___ kit
  29. "Oktober" or "Slug" follower
  30. Food-cooling kitchen appliance, which now comes in "Smart" variants
  31. 30-second summary of the previous episode, say
  32. ___ coffee (cocktail)
  33. Title bestowed on one who is knighted
  34. Creepy, like a ghost story
  35. Place to park your car
  36. Took charge of, say
  37. Initial stake, in poker
  38. Play a role in a movie, say
  39. Pixar movie with the Oscar-winning song "Remember Me"
  40. "Quite frankly..." in text speak: Abbr.
  41. Subject with biology, chemistry, and physics, for short
  42. Audio player, which now comes in "Smart" variants and can act as a virtual assistant
  43. San Francisco's ___ Hill
  44. Professor's helpers: Abbr.
  45. It follows 12, on a clock
  46. ___ out (decline to take part in)
  47. Bow ___ (barking sound, perhaps)
  48. Time-tracking device, which now comes in "Smart" variants and can measure your heartbeat
  49. Carpeting calculation
  50. Communication device, which now comes in "Smart" variants with many added features like camera and internet
  51. Weasel's fun-loving aquatic cousin
  52. "Double Stuf" cookie
  53. Brewed cup of comfort?
  54. Actor Samberg who's also the lead singer of The Lonely Island
  55. Emotion when faced with grandeur
  56. Idiot boxes, for short
  57. "This or ___?"
  58. Sizzling or spicy
  59. "Here," in Spain
  60. Blood relations
  61. "What can ___ to help?":
  62. Swedish band who sang "Money, Money, Money"
  63. Colony dweller in a hive
  64. ___ Paese cheese
  65. Furry friend's bark, in comics
  66. Viva ___ (oral test)
  67. Ed, ___ n Eddy, cartoon trio who love jawbreakers
  68. Ending for "auction" or "mountain"
  69. One of a few 100 billion, in a galaxy
  70. ___ O. Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company
  71. (2/10) "Now, let's get the first item on the shopping list. It's not Christmas if you don't have an ___ on a shelf!"
  72. Alley-___ (basketball play)
  73. Poetic tribute
  74. Group of two
  75. "There's more to the list...": Abbr.
  76. Subject with calculus, for short
  77. Jon Hamm's "___ Men"
  78. One who might win an Oscar for a lead role
  79. Artificially change the color, say
  80. Easy-___ oven (toy oven for kids)
  81. Close pal who's got your back: Abbr.
  82. Heat source at a campsite
  83. Type of handbag with a flippable cover that defined the '80s
  84. ___ of bounds (restricted area)
  85. Dulce de ___ (Latin American confection)
  86. Like some delicate trimmings (word hidden in "fallacy")
  87. Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak ___"
  88. Falling ice pellets, say
  89. Small envelope-shaped handbag that defined the early 2000s after its appearance in "Sex and the City"
  90. Body part attached to the neck
  91. Veggie also known as lady's finger
  92. Return from a mountain?
  93. Reggae's kin (anagram of "ask")
  94. Inclined sharply, like a challenging slope
  95. Sugary suffix with "gluc" or "sucr"
  96. ___ Winfrey with 18 Daytime Emmy Awards
  97. Small pooch with a wrinkly face
  98. ___ Speed Wagon (old motor truck)
  99. Tool to gather fallen leaves
  100. Continent east of the Urals

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