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12-February-2024 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Themed Crossword Answers

  1. Scandinavian rug
  2. "Woe is me!" exclamation
  3. A day has 24 of these, for short
  4. "___ Old Saint Nicholas" (Christmas song)
  5. Clothing or apparel
  6. Personal account of one's life
  7. Principal street of a town, say
  8. Alphabet ender, phonetically
  9. Tempt into a trap
  10. ___ version (testing phase for an app)
  11. ___ and fortune
  12. The ___ (Boston skyscraper with the Skywalk Observatory, informally)
  13. Actress Hathaway known for the role of Mia Thermopolis
  14. Healthy breakfast option with fruits and oats
  15. Electronic dance music genre for Kraftwerk, which originated in Germany in the early 1980s
  16. Music genre for Tupac Shakur that's also known as disco rap, which originated in the Bronx in the mid-1980s:
  17. "Help wanted" letters
  18. Apple bearer in an orchard
  19. Monopoly or Chess, e.g.
  20. "You're funny!" in the chatroom: Abbr.
  21. "Path" of Chinese philosophy
  22. "___ there be light"
  23. Ink splotch on a white shirt, say
  24. Draw away from the shore, as the tide
  25. Eastern exercise discipline involving asanas and meditation
  26. "As I was going to St. ___ ..." (English nursery rhyme)
  27. Like the name "Art," for an artist
  28. ___-jerker (very sad, as a movie or a book)
  29. GPS suggestion, for short
  30. Places that offer facials and hot stone massages
  31. Inc. alternative: Abbr.
  32. The "A" in ETA, for short
  33. First follower
  34. Boo-boo, in kidspeak
  35. Loot, as a bank
  36. Out of the ordinary
  37. Opposite of "WNW," on a map
  38. "Are we there ___?" (impatient child's question, perhaps)
  39. Music genre for Louis Armstrong, which originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the late 1800s
  40. Lounge in the sun, say (word you'll find hidden in "basket")
  41. ___-garde (new experimental ideas)
  42. Panda's snack time treat
  43. High school math subject dealing with equations, for short
  44. Julie Andrews' "The ___ of Music"
  45. Payment option involving paper
  46. "___ god!" which is abbreviated to "OMG":
  47. Metal that's a component in brass and bronze alloys
  48. "___ Club" (Brad Pitt movie)
  49. Speed contest
  50. "Friend or ___?"
  51. Pop star's around the world trip, say
  52. Direction you'll find by rearranging the letters in "seat"
  53. ___ sparingly ("Do not waste!")
  54. Dobby, Galadriel, or Legolas, e.g.
  55. Off base without approval, in the military: Abbr.
  56. "Perfect Day" singer ___ Reed
  57. Undergarment that now comes in "wireless" variants
  58. Go bad, as a fruit
  59. ___ on (place trust in)
  60. Boating stick
  61. Crusty pumpkin dessert
  62. Music genre for Carrie Underwood, which originated in Bristol, Tennessee, in the 1920s
  63. ___ and roll, music genre for Elvis Presley, which originated in Cleveland, Ohio, in the early 1950s
  64. Having the skill to do something, say
  65. ___ wolf (solitary person)
  66. "Once bitten, twice ___"