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13-February-2024 | Page 1 of 1 | Daily Themed Crossword Answers

  1. Suffix with "journal" for the profession involving news reporting
  2. Greek goddess of rainbow or pupil part
  3. Start a tennis match
  4. Letters missing in the word "TRAN_GRESS_O_," aptly
  5. First even number
  6. Muhammad ___ vs Joe Frazier, legendary rivalry in the boxing ring
  7. Academic URL ender
  8. Like a ___ in the headlights
  9. Every last bit
  10. ___ makes waste
  11. Fizzy drink often found in a can
  12. Fan ___ (celebrity portraits, e.g.)
  13. Unkempt hair or house-cleaning tool
  14. Miley Cyrus' "Party in the ___"
  15. "___ a Wonderful Life"
  16. Think outside the ___
  17. Yellow-furred dog in "Garfield"
  18. "Before," in a poetic verse
  19. Certain mental construct
  20. Norway's capital where Edvard Munch's "The Scream" is housed
  21. Repeatedly pester
  22. Continent home to Indonesia and Vietnam
  23. Take a soak in the tub, say
  24. Big bang-producing stick: Abbr.
  25. ___ citizenship (have the citizenship of two countries)
  26. New York ___ vs Boston Red Sox, legendary rivalry on the baseball field that started in 1903
  27. Audiophile's collection: Abbr.
  28. Wayne ___ (Batman's home)
  29. Backyard border
  30. Marketing messages seen on TV, for short
  31. ___ clap (sarcastic reaction to a ridiculous statement, maybe)
  32. Elevator's place
  33. Violin's larger cousin
  34. "Buffet or ___ carte?":
  35. Adjust, as a watch
  36. ___ Manning who was initially selected by the San Diego Chargers
  37. They often come undone on shoelaces
  38. By way of, in a flight plan
  39. Title of respect for Isaac Newton
  40. Beast of burden
  41. Make infantile sounds?
  42. Put up, as a picture on the wall
  43. ___ hall (military meal spot)
  44. Creamy cookie with many limited-edition versions
  45. Skill in dealing with difficult issues
  46. Contented kitten's sound
  47. Place to pig out?
  48. "Growing Pains" star ___ Thicke
  49. Floral neckpiece in O'ahu
  50. Unit of pressure: Abbr.
  51. Seek spare change
  52. Mai ___, cocktail believed to have been invented at Trader Vic's
  53. Three of a ___ (certain poker hand)
  54. X or Y, in plane geometry
  55. Water closet, in a Brit's casual conversation
  56. "___ the i's and cross the t's"
  57. Make changes, as to the law
  58. Los Angeles ___ vs Boston Celtics, legendary rivalry on the basketball court that escalated in the 1960s
  59. Usain ___ vs Tyson Gay, rivalry on the track
  60. Fast sports cars, briefly
  61. ___ Woods vs Phil Mickelson, rivalry on the golf course
  62. Action one might take after hearing "make yourself at home," often
  63. Gene Kelly's "___ Girls"
  64. Cantaloupe or honeydew, e.g.
  65. Towards the back, on a boat
  66. Low-___ image (glitchy picture), for short
  67. ___ vs Ferrari, legendary rivalry on the race track that was captured in a 2019 movie